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MetaWeb IT is your first choice in Charlton for affordable, reliable and easy-to-understand tech support for computers, smartphones & tablets. We aim to give you excellent 1-on-1 help in Charlton with your computer problems! We are also a dealer for Leader Computers Australia and have access to brand-name computers, software & hardware at great prices.

Have a sick computer? Need viruses or spyware cleaned? Ready to upgrade or want to learn more?

Phone MetaWeb IT today and have your computer working quickly, safely and more efficiently!

Problems and solutions will be explained in plain English and easy-to-understand analogies, with no confusing jargon!

"This guy is an absolute pc ninja. Had my machine in and out of the shop for a month or so. Took it to this guy and haven't had a problem since. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"
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Jason P
"Carl is always helpful not only with installations, his problem solving and his ability to fix the problem has been an enormous benefit to our NFP Community organisation. Carl is available to assist any of our 1240+ members."
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Rhonda Weston
President at U3A in Toowoomba Inc

Personal computers are great, but sometimes things can go wrong! MetaWeb IT provides tech support solutions to give you the best computing experience possible, in Toowoomba and out in the surrounding areas of the Darling Downs. Remote tech support is also available Australia-wide.

From Windows computers, Carl has you covered with expert advice without the jargon, many years of experience with hundreds of computer problems, and old fashioned friendly & efficient service.


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